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The Blue Canal


Illuminations add a romantic dash of color to the cold season. For this season only, the Otaru canal has been specially illuminated with 10,000 blue LED’s. The best time to go is in the so-called ‘blue hour’, the period just after sunset when a little blue is still visible in the darkness. Enjoy the magical air brought to the canal as the blue of the lights mixes with that of the sky.

During this period, the popular Otaru Canal cruise ships are also clad in blue lights as they transport you along the canal.


The Wine Glass Tower


The hand-crafted ‘Wine Glass Tower’ makes an appropriate symbol for Otaru, also known as the ‘town of glass’. The tower is a popular photo spot and this year will once again be built from 2,000 individual wine glasses piled on top of one another.


Night Walking Tour

Saturday in Dec. and Jan.

Otaru Tourism Association's guides are voluntarily offering this free guided walking tour which lasts roughly one hour. Starting at the Canal Plaza, enjoy walking the hourlong course while taking in detailed information on Otaru’s historic buildings. Join us for this casual trip. 

No need to book in advance. Come directly to Canal Plaza. 

*Wear non-slip shoes and warm clothing! *As soon as there is a group of 10, the tour will begin. 

(Event will be canceled in case of inclement weather)


The Amber Dream


The area in front of JR Yoichi Station is illuminated in a shade of amber fitting for a town associated with whiskey. This relaxing, warm hue is a welcoming sight for all visitors.  


The Glass Art Gallery 


On display in JR Otaru Station, the gateway to sightseeing in Otaru, are works of art from Otaru’s workshops. Not just for tourists, every year this display proves extremely popular with locals and commuters on route to work or study. 

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